Getting Started

PureMOOt provides a whole suite of commands to enable the best possible experience for both managers and server members!

Inviting PureMOOt

PureMOOt is currently a private discord bot. You should contact Juni and discuss the process of inviting it to your server!

Self Hosting PureMOOt

Before the steps below, you should create a new Discord bot account. Per the terms of the AGPL, it is best for the description of your bot to have a link to the source code or this website!

The recommended approach for running PureMOOt by yourself is through docker. Images will run standalone and contain the latest improvements. The docker-compose.yml file should look something like below:

version: "2"
    image: junikimm717/puremoot
      DISCORD_TOKEN: "token"
      - ./saved-redis-data:/data

Developer Setup

You will need a fairly recent version of Node (which Astro supports), Go, and Redis. You can either install these manually or use nix develop on a system with the nix package manager.

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